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T+ 24 Days Engineering Log

Posted 03-04-2015 at 12:02 AM by Dantassii
Tags sstv

JOI burn performed without any flags and in 9 hours we will perform our Europa Orbit Insertion (EuOI) burn using 2 + 2 of our EHEs (forward + backwards). Approximately 6 hours after EuOI we will perform another burn which will raise our orbit to the L2 point between Europa and Jupiter and then an hour or so after that we will arrive at Europa Station.

All but EHE #3 were used in the JOI. We are hopeful that EHE #3 can be repaired during our stay at Europa Station. There are sufficient...
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T+ 21 Days Engineering Log

Posted 02-28-2015 at 12:48 PM by Dantassii
Tags sstv

EHE #3 is still showing some minor issues during testing so it will not be used for the JOI burn. We are hoping we can repair it during our 5 day stay at Europa Station.

MCC #3 was performed yesterday with no additional problems. Total delta V for MCC #3 was 672 m/s. Our trajectory is such that a 17 minute burn of our remaining EHEs will allow us to arrive at Europa one quarter of an orbit after JOI at which point a 5 minute burn of our remaining EHEs will put us into orbit around...
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T+ 15 Days Engineering Log

Posted 02-22-2015 at 11:21 PM by Dantassii
Tags sstv

Small glitch in one of the EHEs that was going to be used for MCC #2 required that we use one of the other EHEs. We will be using the next 9 days to determine if the glitch can be fixed or will permanently remove the EHE from use for the remainder of our mission.

MCC #2 was a little larger than expected at 210 m/s. MCC #3 looks to be around 500 m/s at this time. The JOI burn is still going to be a big one, but we should be able to make our meeting with Europa 1/4th of an orbit after...
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T+ 10 Days Engineering Log

Posted 02-17-2015 at 11:45 PM by Dantassii
Tags sstv

MCC #1 was performed with 2 forward and 2 reverse EHEs with no flags reported. The delta V for this burn was only 15 m/s. Currently on-board calculations show MCC #2 to be about 150 m/s and MCC #3 around 350 m/s. The JOI burn will be another long burn so we will probably use all of the EHEs to keep the duration to a reasonable value. The G forces during the JOI burn may reach as high as 6 Gs. We will reduce the thrust of the EHEs during that burn to keep the Gs under that value.

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T+ 4:12:00:00

Posted 02-11-2015 at 11:03 AM by Dantassii
Tags sstv

After a very busy 3 days of Earth-Moon system burns, we are now on our way to Jupiter. Shaping burns and the TJI burn (5 minutes at 5 Gs) were performed without any flags and SSTV-01 has been setup in cruise mode.

Due to our rapid transit from the Earth-Moon system to the Jupiter-Europa system, our first MCC is only 6 days away. Preliminary onboard calculations show that this burn may be the smallest of the 3 MCCs on our way to Jupiter as the uncertainties of our approach vector...
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