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Up to date info and ideas for Delta V
21 1 27 0
07:13 PM
by HAL9001
A group for anyone that loves Dans DGIV.
34 3 14 42
09:25 PM
by mjanicki
Orbiter Forum Lunar Station Project. A basic copy of the OFSS, but orbiting the Moon.
3 2 2 0
05:32 PM
by Stevodoran
We build solar systems real and fictional. Throught this group we discuss theories, software and other things related to solar system building.
7 0 0 7
for crasy orbiter things
16 2 10 14
08:20 PM
by HAL9001
Planetary Defense Foundation Films are visual computer generated arts & scenario series created to give a visual & comprehensive understanding of the options Earth planetary space programs & it's international scientific community of astronomers & scientific advisors will have to confront a possible future threat of an asteroid or comet impact which could ultimately effect life on Earth. Based on scientific knowledge & research Planetary Defense Foundation Films will provide 7 likely scenario's which may prove effective as a goal in preventing these possible future Near Earth Objects impact.
2 0 0 0
The sequel to the highly successful Orbiter Forum Space Station! OFSSII is a joint orbitnaut objective to assemble a massive space station in a 600 km orbit around the Earth. The missions are designed to challenge your skills and challenge what you know about being an orbitnaut! OFSS II - Discussion Forum: http://www.orbiter-forum.com/forumdisplay.php?f=97
31 6 485 0
07:05 PM
14 4 210 0
07:33 AM
by jedidia
For anyone who as ever created or is creating a solar system.
11 1 2 5
06:58 AM
by jedidia
I think there are many situations like this: An Orbinaut and Add-On developement-brginner has ideas for Add-Ons and he can create 3d-models. Another one can just create config-files. I think if in this cases they would work together there would be lot's more cool Add-Ons. This group is to make those projects.
7 0 0 0
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