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Social Groups in category Orbiter
Group Name Members Reverse Sort Order Discussions Messages Pictures Last Post
Hail Probe!
110 1 49 1
01:39 PM
by Abdallah
Social group for the OFSS Project. OFSS Forum: http://orbiter-forum.com/forumdisplay.php?f=81
67 10 418 56
05:14 PM
by Tex
For active pilots who know how to use the Orbiter Multiplayer client. OMP is a still-ongoing project and all activities have been move to external OMP website: http://omp.ddns.net Social group discussions here has been closed and will be continued on external site.
64 0 0 51
A group for anyone interested in the Apollo program and its Orbiter add-ons: AMSO and NASSP.
59 2 2 28
10:46 PM
by Samuel Edwards
Members that have proven themselves to be a positive part of the community
46 1 142 0
Group for anyone interested in the future of multiplayer or single player time trial races
41 3 70 1
09:57 AM
by HAL9001
A group for Spanish-speaking fans of Orbiter to share ideas... Un grupo para que los fans hispanoparlantes de Orbiter puedan intercambiar ideas...
39 1 80 4
04:48 PM
by Anroalh12
This group is for everyone who is a fan of the Dan-Steph-Add-Ons
38 2 7 5
05:19 AM
by theshhh
A group for anyone that loves Dans DGIV.
34 3 14 42
09:25 PM
by mjanicki
The sequel to the highly successful Orbiter Forum Space Station! OFSSII is a joint orbitnaut objective to assemble a massive space station in a 600 km orbit around the Earth. The missions are designed to challenge your skills and challenge what you know about being an orbitnaut! OFSS II - Discussion Forum: http://www.orbiter-forum.com/forumdisplay.php?f=97
31 6 485 0
07:05 PM
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