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  • Hey Agent0ne. I just wanted to say I thought your avatar was very original. Also, I've found your virtual universe site interesting as well. Haven't read it all yet, but your imagination is impressive. I like how you add more purpose to Orbiter than just flying from A to B. That's what I've been working on lately, is station building planning and base planning. The planning is as fun as performing the mission. I think you'd agree.

    Welcome where Civilization spans the stars,
    Out beyond the edge of the galaxy, adventure awaits.

    The innerent complexity to Orbiter must be respected and even enhenced. Because, this is a simulator which is worth being called one!
    And, for once, this is for adults (mature people).

    > The Virtual Universe <

    > SpaceFlight Guidelines (.pdf) <

    > Vessels2 < (.cfg files to Adjusted Vessels)
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