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    Equations of motion used by Orbiter's integrator

    I was wondering if anyone has a link to the equations of motion that are integrated by Orbiter in order to calculate its trajectories. In particular, I'd be very interested to see how lift and drag are incorporated. Thanks!
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    Better SSME Exhaust for Shuttle Fleet V4.8?

    I was just wondering if anyone knows if it's possible to get a better SSME exhaust plume for Shuttle Fleet V4.8. At the moment it looks like a slow gas emanating from the nozzle instead of what the real SSME exhaust looks like. Thanks very much.
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    Vessel Rocket-Back Reusable Booster System

    I was just wondering if anyone has created an addon based on (or similar to) that which is described in the following paper: It would be very interesting to have something like this in orbiter.
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    Hi Brain, after trying out your great Falcon 9R addon I'd be very interesting to know what...

    Hi Brain, after trying out your great Falcon 9R addon I'd be very interesting to know what mathematics you used for calculating the required delta-v to get the first stage near its target upon re-entry. Did you use any differential equations or was it more a "back-of-the-envelope" type of...
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    OHM Falcon9R

    Brilliant addon, but does anyone else have a slight colour difference between the first and second stages?
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    Question Changing GPC MFD's Entry Base (Shuttle Fleet v4.8)

    I've had a bit of a look around the various Shuttle Fleet v4.8 documents to try and see if there is a way to change the base that GPC MFD's "entry energy" (OPS 3) screen uses but haven't been able to thus far. It seems to be set on Cape Canaveral by default and I'm trying to change it to Edwards...
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    Downloading and Installing Auto FCS

    I'm actually using Shuttle Fleet v4.8, sorry if I somehow made a misunderstanding. Is there possibly a written Auto FCS tutorial, or a video that I can find somewhere to understand all the bits and pieces? This is what my Auto FCS page looks like:
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    Downloading and Installing Auto FCS

    Yup, that's the very first thing I did, both to Orbiter.cfg and Orbiter_NG.cfg
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    Downloading and Installing Auto FCS

    Great, thanks Shifty. Pressing Ctrl + F4 now brings up Auto FCS, but there are no bases to choose from. Do I need to make that config edits given on the page?
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    Downloading and Installing Auto FCS

    I've been trying to find a Shuttle autopilot and it seems Auto FCS is what everyone is using, but I can't seem to find it or activate it in my Orbiter install. I tried Ctrl + F4, but there is no Auto FCS option, and trying to download it from doesn't work...
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    OHM Soyuz FG/U v1.2

    I have two further quick questions: 1) Is there a Soyuz spacecraft cockpit addon so we can get a view from inside the orbital module? 2) Is it normal to have Orbiter do an "incomplete" shutdown when exiting after using the Soyuz addon (i.e. I get a progress bar pop up when closing Orbiter...
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    OHM International Space Station v.3.2

    I apologise if this has already been asked, but is there a way to take manual control of the Soyuz launcher when playing the ISS missions. Pressing M doesn't seem to enable manual control.
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    OHM Soyuz FG/U v1.2

    I think I was starting the pitch-down manoeuvre too late, since performing it soon after launch has now solved the problem. I guess the fins at the base of each booster also act against pitch downs when at a high velocity.
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    OHM Soyuz FG/U v1.2

    How are the Space Shuttle, Falcon 9 and Ariane 5 so easy to control manually compared to Soyuz? Do they not take aerodynamic forces into account as much as the Soyuz model, or do they utilize some form of thrust vector stability control preventing feedback?
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    OHM Soyuz FG/U v1.2

    I've been trying out the Soyuz addon but have some questions regarding strange "handling". I love flying everything manually, but if I pitch the nose down and then let the controls go after that, the nose will tend to go back to its vertical position. Is there something else that I need to...