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    Question What games are you playing?

    A friend tells me he plays FS, and a large farm near me is in it. Small world.
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    Humor Random Comments Thread

    That must be really weird to fly, then try to land on the ground behind the pilot.
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    Problem Antelope Valley

    This it?
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    Support [Solved] CTD launching any scenario

    You can have a master folder maybe Orbiter0, then sub folders Orbiter1, Orbiter2, etc. I have SuborbMFD MFD, but I can’t switch ships, I have to exit, uncheck SuborbMFD, then I can switch ships.
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    Apollo 15 Post Orbital Insertion Procedures Question

    I don’t think you can get amp-hrs from that, Watts, volts, amps, doesn’t tell you how big the battery or cell is. Sorta like a tank of water, I can develop a pressure and a flow with a pump, but it doesn’t tell me how big the tank is. Maybe you can calculate how many watts or amps will run...
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    Updates James Webb Space Telescope updates

    Didn’t wanna hit Santa.:)
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    Updates SLS Updates

    Yeah, where’s JFK when we need him.
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    Problem Sim shuts down at moon

    I just built my local airport by creating a new config file in the Earth\Base folder and editing the objects in it. Not much there, just some to play with.
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    Problem Sim shuts down at moon

    I have a flagpole 0.1 m diameter with no effect.
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    Updates James Webb Space Telescope updates

    Just sorta side note. At a recent gathering, I happen to run into one of the engineers at A.I. Solutions, the contractor responsible for navigation for the Webb. This was last Friday and he had to work the weekend to update something in the software and ship it back by Monday. Cool meet! Those...
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    Updates Blue Origin New Shepard News and Updates

    $140k and it’s yours🚀
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    Updates Blue Origin New Shepard News and Updates

    Straight up and straight down, ten minutes just ain’t as exciting, I guess.:sleep: Me, I was repairing my sink drain, this wonderful water we have ate through the metal pipe.🤬
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    News Yutu-2 images a cube-shaped rock?

    Like the Mars face, it’s likely nothing like the image.
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    Does prime meridian on earth line up with vernal equinox?

    ut a lazy-susan on a table and rotate it very slowly, like once a year. Then place on the susan a gyroscope and spin it, like once a day. One end of the table is the vernal equinox. Now rotate the table once every 26000 years. A mark on the gyroscope corresponding to the prime meridian does not...