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    News Obama's inauguration, a view from space

    Hmmm... maybe we should make a cube sat and *cough* accidentally *cough* ram Hubble :) Seriously though, thanks for clearing that up, Finally my troll quota for the day (I have a troll quota now?), Phallic building is phallic! Lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol Message Ends. ;)
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    OHM Two LEM at Cape

    *Sigh* some people have to learn that a basic scenario doesn't constitute an add-on.. Now, if those LEMs were launched from a giant trebuchet.... :D
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    Idea I'd like to see DGIV autopilots on xr2 ravenstar.

    Well, sometimes (ie: the fifteen-minute-:censored:-i'm-late-for-class-dock-you-sunnava-:censored: orbiter sessions), the DGIV autopilots can save a lot of time. I still can't believe i managed to ascend, dock and deorbit onto my surface base in one go for the first time in orbiter - and it was...
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    Idea "Man on the Earth" project.

    I still think dropping liquid fuel rockets through the atmosphere is a bad idea - too many parts to break. Scattering dozens of solid fuel boosters over the area, and only needing 1 to work would provide quite a sfety margin, hell, you might even lob extra experimental samples into orbit for...
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    You know you're addicted to Orbiter when...

    When you run around like a fighter jet with your arms ('wings') extended quoting star trek insurrection while everyone else is playing pokemon stuff. Ah primary school..... Also, when you post to this topic. Several times. Like I'm doing now :)
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    Project XR2 Ravenstar - Mk II

    That would be a cool feature - but maybe ejecting the ummu crew members out the airlock with self inflating life rafts would%
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    Harvesting gases from planets

    Nice water bomber butt pic ;) Anyway, does anyone read Schlock Mercenary? A fusion rocket 'candle' burning at both ends (Either one colossal one, or squillions of little ones), lowered into a gas giants atmosphere could move the planet. The atmosphere is sucked in through the middle of the...
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    Outer Planets Re-Fueling Depots

    Well, my REAC (REDAC Aerospace Centre) In the north-west of Western Australia is also going well... maybe one day I'll post it to OH. Oh, BTW, i >think< i may have been the only one who has done this, but if you create VOR beacons around your base, can you add an antenna system on the same spot...
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    News Obama's inauguration, a view from space

    *sigh* I really look forward to the day when humans advance from a type 0.7 to a type 1 civillization... That, and when i can get a photorecon satellite of my very own... Just a quick thought - has the Hubble space telescope ever been pointed at earth? Could it even focus? The images would be...
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    Idea "Man on the Earth" project.

    Remember, the lunanites probably had no knowledge of atmospheric re-entry (until recently).... so that means Airlaunched return vehicles, and possibly aerobraking are out of the picture. Bummer. Maybe a cluster of solid fuel stages are droppped into the atmosphere, and any that survive are...
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    Question What do you want in a Base?

    Well, i've got a kulchitsky heavy steam cata pult in most scenarios i have at my earth base - it shouldn't be too difficult... Also, the PWR might not be venting water into atmo, more melting the ice crytstals in the air... Post some pics of the base as YOU see it - we can always pick it to...
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    rocket car

    Try putting one of those in a $8 model rocket kit (15cm long, diameter just bigger than the rocket) - youll never see it again. IDEA: Model Erakoplan (Caspian Sea Monster - WIG propulsion) with model rocket launching system ;) I WOULD buy one
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    Idea Deep Space Booster For XR2

    I love future history for add-ons - in my one i'm ripping off quite a few Dale Brown novels.... namely a Russian ASAT Laser starts zapping everything in range :) Cool sounding project BTW
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    Request Combined rocket jet booster

    Get some jet engines that are about to be scrapped anyway, add solid fuel boosters, duct tape the lot together.... This >could< be a good way to recycle flight hardware near the end of it's life - IMHO, launching from a site in the Nevada desert might be a good idea - if the boosters just going...
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    Project XR2 Ravenstar - Mk II

    *drooling* About the ejection kit... aw well, many a failed re-entry into water has resulted in my bailing out of the nose airlock in the XR2 - perhaps coding the ability to bailout of the entry hatch in the atmosphere? Looking good man, looking good.