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  • Athena, I just wanted to know if it would be possible for you to back up OFSS mission 2; or if you can take up mission 3.
    Holy smokes! This green profile thing is wild!

    Yes, I was working on the Aquila, but the project is currently frozen. I often find that the number of things I am working on gets out of hand at times, so I have several projects like it waiting for future work.

    The Aquila is definitely not dead, just waiting for a better time to be worked on. If you could come up with some suggestions for how to design the cockpit, that would be a great help though. :)
    The only thing being weird is that this is my birthday, but UTC isn't in the right day.
    Thanks guy!
    Dahil invita kita sa Philippine Virtual Space Agency,anu gusto mo,
    DG-IV Pilot?
    XR1 Pilot?
    XR2 Pilot ?
    XR5 Pilot?
    Mission Engineer?
    Deputy Administrator?
    Chief Filipinaut?

    Spit it out!
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