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  • Sorry, I just saw this.
    Can you enable 'Verbose' option and send a log? I cannot think why it would not build the file, assuming the 'Build Include File' is enabled.
    Hello, I am using Orbiter Mesh Tools for Blender 2.82 and would like to use the include file feature to export my switch positions for animation for the NASSP LM virtual cockpit. I am having trouble with it though, it will not export any file at all, I have selected the groups I want to export checked "build include file" and specified my include path and when I press "Build Mesh" my mesh builds fine, but the include file is nowhere to be seen. I used the same directory for both, any ideas? Thanks in advanced!
    Hi Blake... May I have your approval If I translate your documentation on your Orbiter Mesh Tools in French. Best Regards
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