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    Request RAGTAG FLEET

    I am working on a BSG related 3D rendering project and there are certain ships that I need. Sadly, the Coxxon models are no longer available as far as I can tell. If anybody still has the RagTag Fleet ships, I can convert the models from those files. What I need: Botanical Cruiser Flattop...
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    The exact speed of light

    My idea is to devise a new standard of unit distance measure that does away with imperial and overwrites metric (using the same metric terms) based on our largest NATURAL measuring stick, the speed of light. (as opposed to either a yard or a modern meter both of which are originally based on an...
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    The exact speed of light

    Thank you Urwumpe. Now to convert that into imperial measurements so I can wrap my head around it :)
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    The exact speed of light

    I have a question for the actual physicists in the group. My understanding is, that the statement of the speed of light being 186,000 MPS is a generalization, that the actual speed of light is 186,282 MPS. For most this will seem like picking nits, but for the project I am working on (and...
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    Gaming Elite: Dangerous

    I have been playing since launch day. I'm currently on a mission to be the first person to circumnavigate the galaxy. If any of you are ingame, feel free to friend me - CMDR Maia Posidana. I'm wondering if anybody has started to try and Orbitermod an ASP yet?
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    Vessel Battlestar Hyades

    She's quite a bit different actually, though she is about the same size she is far more heavily armed
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    Vessel Battlestar Hyades

    Ok, I haven't been around for ages, sorry. Stumbled across a newer(ish) battlestar design lately that absolutely took my breath away and i want to FLY it :) If there is anyone familiar with the old Ragtag fleet ships that is the sort of thing I am looking for.
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    Lowest periapsis?

    if you search the screenshots thread, there is a guy here that got a physics grade by doing a 2m high orbit around the moon for 3 orbits...till he made the mistake of trying to change his orbit
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    Game of Thrones challenge

    Well, apparently I am not the first to actually wonder about this question. Thank you dgatsoulis for the link.
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    Game of Thrones challenge

    Ok, here's the deal. I've been reading (and watching) the "game of thrones" series, and the first thing that came to mind was "WTF kind of orbit does this planet have to have the sort of seasonal cycle it does!?" Is it within our ability here to try and figure out what kind of orbit this...
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    OFMM V3 Mission Statement

    Im up for the Mars 3 site:)
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    Question Did the Apollo astronauts ever crawl under the lander?

    I don't think the risk of getting stuck or the difficulty in moving in the suit were the issues. I would have thought that there would have been too great a risk of accidentally puncturing the suit.
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    OFMM Science Goals - Surface: Discussion

    Yep, thats the one :) Ok, I did say I may have been mistaken about the greenhouse module needing descartes. For some reason, the performance of Descartes is spotty for me in orbiter 2010 and with total imerssion it will not run at all; shows me empty space, not even a glass cockpit.
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    OFMM Science Goals - Surface: Discussion

    I like that idea, the only problem I see is that (if I am not mistaken) those modules require the DESCARTES spacecraft to deliver them. The Descartes does not operate well in Orbiter 2010, and does not operate at all in 2010 if you use the total immersion add-on :(. As far as a greenhouse, I...
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    Orbiter wish list

    Only 2 problems with Orulex... 1)incompatability with UCGO, at least insofar as breathable bases. 2)without standardized mapping the terrain is varriable, never really the same twice, also it comes up with some odd terrain features.