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  • Hi, sorry for the delay, I am visiting the Orbiter page not regularily.

    The addon you are referring to was compiled by Sky Captain, who combined the Saturn V Mk II addon and the CEV+Altair addon into one package. I did not fly this combo yet. I guess the launch is comparable to the Apollo Saturn V launches, concerning selecting best dates, trajectory alignement and TLI burn.

    The CEV-Altair is somewhat different, as the Altair should do all course correction maneuvers incl. the lunar insertion burn. The Altair is modelled as a forward-looking vessel (to ease landings), which complicates finding the correct attitude for orbital burns, let alone with another vessel docked to it.

    For a general documentation of the ESAS CEV you can look into the 'Add-on Docs' folder of this package http://www.orbithangar.com/searchid.php?ID=1972

    For the combined Saturn V Mk II + CEV + Altair maybe you could contact Sky Captain?
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