I've been in the 3D animation and video field for about 15 years now. I'm mainly focused on video editing and compositing currently, but venture into actionscript, 3D modeling, and print work when I get a chance!

games, 3D modeling, radio control
United States
US State
West Virginia
Motion Graphics Specialist
Computer Specs
3GHz core 2 duo, 8800GTS (740M), 2 G RAM, X-52 stick, G-15 keyboard
Orbiter Experience
How you found Orbiter-Forum
Web Search way way long ago!
Favorite Orbiter Addons
The XR series, DGIV, and all the wonderfull MFDs that various people have created for us!
Favorite (Real Life) Spacecraft
Tough call:
Mercury Redstone - simple, effective, and good looking
Cassini - how can you not like something that flew to saturn and gave us such an improved understanding!
Saturn V - big, bad, loud, everything a rocket should be!
STS - big, bloated and dated, but i smile every time I see a launch!