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    Update Updated G42-200 Starliner

    assuming this is for 2016 with no chance of being ported back to 2010?
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    Discussion Developing Addons for different Orbiter Versions

    Its a dilemma for sure. I can break away and use 2016 but it ends up being just a side thing to try the new features. When I want to get serious, I want to go back and fly the manifest I drew up for myself to build a new spacestation, and those plans require addons that just dont translate...
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    Discussion Developing Addons for different Orbiter Versions

    If the few add-ons that my build is based around could port over. ISS 3.2, Shuttle Fleet, DanSteph's stuff.
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    Discussion Developing Addons for different Orbiter Versions

    I would love to dive in to Orbiter 2016 but at the time being, the vast majority of add-ons I rely on simply do not work in it, so my primary install is 2010-p1. I do appreciate the MFD devs out there who update their builds for both 2010 and 2016, I would like to spend more time with 2016...
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    News Ethiopian 737 crashed on way to Kenya, 157 people on-board

    any use of the MCP/FCP is a minimal distraction and is commanded in SOPs for even the most critical of moments, such as a V1 cut. Either use it or turn the flight director off. last thing you want is to leave it on and have it give you commands to do something you dont want to do.
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    OHM PursuitMFD 2016

    Just gave this (170619) a try in Orbiter 2010, the RPM and TOR modes send an XR-2 into a wild tumble
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    Pilot Astronaut Flight Academy - PAFA

    Cool concept. I dont know how useful a course on steep turns, turns around a point, and slow flight are gonna be for Orbiter, but the theory is always good I suppose. If you want feedback on aviation when you hit those subjects let me know. A very ambitious project and I wish you well, it...
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    Scenario Space Shuttle Atlantis reentry scenarios

    Use Shuttle Fleet and AutoFCS
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    Has Universe a "center" ?

    Well the bang created the universe by essentially expanding all space outwards for the aforementioned singularity, which rate is expanding for some reason. So you could say every spot in the universe is the location of the big bang's singularity. As far as we understand it anyway.
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    Problem Effective Canadarm Docking with Dragon and other Dragon-Canadarm problem

    The key to Pursuit MFD is you need to set up the target and the right docking port. Then set a distance on each axis that you want to be held at. The MFD will use rcs bursts to get you to that point and then will hold. Pick a point 200 meters or so away on the docking axis, not too hard to...
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    OHM RV Orientation

    so for using the shuttle, approach the station on the R-bar, have it in velocity hold mode 0-0-0, and get with in range. On the lower right two buttons of the MFD you will see RPM and TOR. RPM will automatically put you in the appropriate rotation for the RPM survey of the tiles. When you...
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    OHM RV Orientation

    FWIW you don't need this add-on to do TOR maneuvers, you can use Pursuit MFD just as easily.
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    New Release D3D9Client Development

    Yeah I do need to get around building an install for the new beta and try that out. Hopefully I can get that done soon and see if the same issue arises.
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    New Release D3D9Client Development

    It is not tearing, I know a what that looks like. This is different. And we all should know that v-sync is not what you want to go with in Orbiter. Higher frames equates to more accurate simulation.
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    New Release D3D9Client Development

    Normally I would agree with you but the performance loss has an additional manifestation to it. Even at 100+ fps, the sim should appear smooth since it is above my display's refresh rate of 59mhz but this is not the case, there is a clear stutter occurring. Going to an external view of the...