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    fifth fundamental basic force or a new particle discoverd?

    It will be interesting to see if this is a new force. I couldn't find any reference to theoretical predictions for the force, but GUT is undeveloped. I'd speculate they just found some secondary harmonics to known forces. And I base the previous statement on absolutely nothing.
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    Evacuating planet Earth via commercial airliner jets.

    Earth/Moon Holtzman Orbital Period * Population of Earth / Total Passenger capacity of all airliners? I guess its a somewhat intriguing number, if useless. I wonder if they should took in account population growth over the 3.7 years.
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    Humor The Sun now has an owner!

    Just remember to sue her the next time you get a sunburn and for making your property dangerously hot in the summer. Don't forget to send her a cease and desist letter as well.
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    Question What space games do you like other than Orbiter?

    Space Station 13 is an interesting game if you want to worry about sucking vacuum on a station full of homicidal traitors, brain-sucking changelings, nuclear assaults, strange wizards and chest-bursting xenomorphs. Don't lose your emergency oxygen tank, because there won't be any left in the...
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    Problem From ground to lightspeed bug

    Its a ground collision bug. What happened is your ship transitioned away from its landed state to a flying state and collided with the ground, normally, depending upon the speed of the impact you would either switch back to the landed state or do a tiny bounce or slide. But because of time...
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    Orbiting unusually-shaped celestial objects

    You can orbit 2 stars, its called a double free-return. And yes you can figure 8. The problem is these are not stable orbits and perturbations will eventually force you into a more stable orbit. Stable as in how the L4 and L5 are stable and if you're near enough to it you'll stay there...
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    Orbiting unusually-shaped celestial objects

    Objects only appear to orbit a body's center of mass when you're far enough away relative to the body's mass distribution. But there is gravitational attraction between an object and a body is between each particle of each. This is why you can have cool things like using gravity gradients to...
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    Is it me or the sun?

    The Sun can be north of you if you are either in the tropics or the artic/anarctic circles. Otherwise its just crazy high in the sky and you're getting confused/seeing an optical illusion. People's eyes are for scanning the countryside, not so much staring up at the sky. That's also why the...
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    Solar Panels

    You turn a nuclear reactor "off" when you lower the neutron levels below a self-sustaining level, usually this is by inserting cadmium rods which absorb enough neutrons.
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    Determining mass using orbital elements

    If you know your orbital period (do you have a watch and can see stars?) and your semi-major axis (do you have some idea of the body's radius and your altitude? A ground radar and ability to measure angles make this easy) and your mass <<< what you're orbiting then you can make a good first...
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    Request Iron Man UMMU

    What are you talking about? That's just more reaction mass!
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    Request Iron Man UMMU

    No idea. He did all kinds of interstellar travel in the comic. In the movie he just has a fusion power source and some thin-mint sized whatever they are on his hands and feet.
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    News Swaying bridge across the Volga

    It seems like they should park some tractor trailers or put up some big wind disruptor there to dampen that.
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    Request SSTO VTOVL

    To be fair there is a big manipulator arm (Canadarm) on the shuttle that functions like a crane when in orbit. Not exactly the same thing, but parallel mission roles. I suppose you'd see a gravity dependent extending boom & winch more on a lunar or martian lander where ground handling might...
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    Flight Question Burning up?

    Generally people are talking about the DGIV or XR Series. There are also a few modules that allow any ship to be destroyed through rentry/crashing/aerodynamic stress/sudden acceleration. The most recent one I know of is Universal Breakup. There are some slight problems with the general...