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  • LOL gue tidak kenali sesuatu orbinaut...tapi di sekolah ada satu murid yang tahu tentang orbiter dan pernah main, tapi ia benar2 bukan orbinaut
    Yeah, I got that from a screen grab from the episode 'Wild Horses" ... you're one of the few people to notice ... or at least, say anything. :D
    RC, talking about people's (admittedly failed) social groups behind their backs isn't nice. :lol:

    Anyway, hello, fellow nerd! (I'm not an otaku, but I probably know way too much to be a normal person either :shifty:)
    SRSLY Otaku club? (I know, slow)
    I wouldn't start it, I don't call myself such, not to actual people at least, but I admit on this forum it's extremely obvious. :p
    You can if you want, but you might not even get as many members as "Canadian Orbinauts".

    But you're free to start playing Touhou and join Touhou Lunatics. :lol:
    As if Orbiter is not already time-consuming enough...I know 2 people who can pull it off. 0-1 IRL but I kinda consider Izack to be in real life, since I know his full name and his face.

    Anyway, good job 100 posts! :thumbup:
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