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  • Yeah I get confused too. That would be awesome. Oahu seems to be a perfect spot to run space operations from, and the airport (Honolulu Intl) has just the right amount of space. Who could beat the scenery too, right? Lol.
    Morning, I'm got confused between the private message and these visitor message, so hadn't visited your page! Got it now.

    I'll have a look at Oahu, can't promise anything, but if I do another base that'll be it.

    Actually, considering the size of the island of Oahu when compared to your Brisbane/Amberly addons, the entire island is comparable in size.
    Honolulu. The international airport there a great Pacific takeoff and landing spot, two of its main runways are almost perfectly E/W oriented (8/26 L and R), and the surrounding area is GORGEOUS.
    Thanks for the kind words, EndeavourCmdr. I'm still plodding on with my Westcott upgrade, thats all C--! to me, so very slow.

    What Airports did you have in mind?

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