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  • Now that Orbiter 2016 is out, there seem to be new incompatibilities I'm afraid - looks like a new version of Gemini is needed for the updated software.
    Hi! Appreciate your work on Gemini, I've been working on a full-size capsule simulator with external video projection for the graphics and analog controls for the last few years. Planning to use Orbiter for the sim (interfaced to arduinos for the instruments) but having trouble getting all the add-ons right for the Gemini sim. Some of them don't seem to be available anymore?
    I am new to Orbiter but if I am correct, you are the author of numerous add ons thar are great on this simulator. Let me say that you did a great job because I find it hard to just fly the ships, and I am not talking about programming one!
    I wanted to ask you a question about the Mercury Project 5.0. With the MR capsules, there is a small bug that is really bothering me. The top window of the capsule is black and the timer, that is suppose to be on the side, is straight in the middle of the window! This add on is a classic of spaceflight and it is sad that we can't enjoy it at its full potential. Can you help me with that??
    Thanx yor your adons and tour help!
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