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  • I have been trying to use the hius as a vehicle to explore the outer planets. It is a very good ship and the best one I have found to date to suit my needs. There is, however, one issue that is perplexing me.

    I have a DGIV docked to docking port 1. I can eva into the Hius with no problem, but when I try to transfer back to the DGIV, I end up in some in between land called UMMU_TLander1. Have you seen anything like this?
    Thanks for your review of my Lunar Transfer Vessel on Orbit Hangar. Not many people bother to leave reviews, so the ones I get mean alot. I hope to update it someday soon, as it was one of my earlier addons, and I'm a bit embarrased by the rookie mistakes I made. Thanks for the words, and welcome to the forum!

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