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    Comet NEOWISE

    Here are some photos I've managed to take :) 350 mm focal length with an APS-C sensor, 2.5 seconds exposure, ISO 1600 (only the first one is 5 seconds with ISO 800, IIRC): Also, I've made an attempt to use these shots to estimate the comet's orbit, just to see if I...
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    Flight Question [Orbiter 2016] Atlantis manual launch

    Has anybody succeeded in launching the stock Atlantis from Orbiter 2016 manually? I'm always ending up with PeA around -500 to -1000 km when the main fuel tank is empty, and that's slightly too low. The autopilot manages to get to about -230 km, which is enough to get into orbit with OMS. What...
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    OS WARS MEGA THREAD (Now debating proprietary vs. open-source!)

    Why should we care who the users blame? The majority of people often blame others for their own mistakes, but that doesn't make them right. In fact, treating them as if they are right only makes the problem grow. That's what I don't like not only about Windows, actually, but about the society in...
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    OS WARS MEGA THREAD (Now debating proprietary vs. open-source!)

    The whole idea that a user will want to trick their operating system into doing something they want points to some deep flaw in the design. The first point being, why do they even need to resort to tricks instead of just issuing commands? Something is very wrong here and I'm genuinely scared of...
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    Communication Below The Event Horizon

    I don't think being in freefall matters here really - we should just be able to say that we have a chain of stationary yardsticks (the last yardstick above the horizon will actually have to end some distance from the horizon, because being exactly stationary on the horizon is equivalent to...
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    Communication Below The Event Horizon

    No, unfortunately. I'm a bit out of touch with the scientific literature. One thing I remember on that topic, though, was that you could replace a spherically symmetric region of the Schwarzschild solution with a solution for a region filled with matter, and it was possible to do that in a way...
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    Communication Below The Event Horizon

    I think the main misunderstanding here comes from the fact that things look quite different for free-falling observers and for observers that are at rest with respect to the black hole. The free-falling observers won't really notice anything when crossing the event horizon (as long as they are...
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    C++ Question Help with pointers

    Wait, what? There are no types in assembler, or on a CPU. There are just bytes. Data types are higher-level constructs. On the lowest level, you just have raw bytes with meaning entirely dependent on usage.
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    Has Universe a "center" ?

    We do explore larger scales, for example via baryon acoustic oscillations, so my guess would be that effects caused by non-isotropicity (is that how you say it?...) would already be noticed if they were there. I'm not sure, though.
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    Has Universe a "center" ?

    What sometimes makes scientists dismiss the hypertorus possibility is that it would not be isotropic (you would have to travel further in some directions to go back to the starting point than in other ones). If we want to have flat, isotropic universe, AFAIK it has to be infinite, unfortunately.
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    Colossal star explosion detected

    Obligatory xkcd: My favorite quote:
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    News Germanwings Flight 4U9525 (Airbus A320) crash in Southern France (24 March 2015)

    Is it possible that the plane was deliberately crashed? That would explain the constant rate of descent straight into the mountains. Of course, at least one question would remain: why...
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    Interstellar - The Movie

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    Interstellar - The Movie

    I watched the movie yesterday and I liked it a lot. However, I did spot a few places where the science was not very accurate. Some of them were necessary for the plot, but at least once I was surprised that things were done the way they were done. Since there is no "spoiler" tag here and I...
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    I made this "2D Orbiter" at a game jam (also, it's open-source)

    Yes, you can download the content of the repository (either as a zip using the button on the right, or using "git clone") and then just view index.html in the browser.