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    Idea Roadster Rendezvous

    Wondering who might be first to model a Roadster in a solar orbit matching the resulting orbit following real Spacex heavy launch yesterday. Would make for a fun "Roadster Rendezvous" scenario.
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    Challenge Varuna intercept

    Addiction? Guilt as charged. Night before last my wife asked me what I was doing. "Orbiter" I replied. "What?" she said. "You haven't done that in years." I do lurk the forum on occasion. It was nice to stumble onto this challenge. Thanks for creating and uploading it. cheers :cheers:
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    Challenge Varuna intercept

    Doing pretty much the same thing. I opened your doc file and compared to my flight. When I flew it last night I took a screencapture of going across a saturn pole. Here's the dropbox link to the image... :)...
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    Challenge Varuna intercept

    Saw this a few days ago but was busy over the weekend and couldn't get to it. Last night I gave it a try for a couple hours but was definitely going down the wrong path. I was thinking it was going to be something really exotic and ended up giving up. So about 30 minutes ago I started again and...
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    Challenge Aldrin Cycler - Mars rendezvous

    Thanks. I hadn't touched orbiter in 3 years so I was rusty. Saw this scenario and couldn't resist. Took a while even to figure out how to turn the engine on and off. Not as efficient as I would have liked but did dock within a couple hours after the station passed Pe at Mars. Thanks for the fun...
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    Hi Dimitri, I've been mostly away for about 3 years. I just tried to look at a scenario in the...

    Hi Dimitri, I've been mostly away for about 3 years. I just tried to look at a scenario in the challenges called "the ultimate great grand tour". It indicated some dozen or more stages but nothing showed up on any of them. Maybe I am using an out of date version of transx. Have you been able to...
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    Scenario great-grand-tour

    The simple plan without Mars only took an hour or less. Maybe even 30 minutes. Can't remember. Then I tried for close to two hours the first evening looking for the Mars include and eventually gave up. Then tried again the next morning and found the solution in about another hour or two. But it...
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    Scenario great-grand-tour

    I've been away from Orbiter for nearly two years working RL tasks. I did drop into the forum a few times to see what was happening. Glad to see some activity here. A couple days ago I fired it up and got to wondering about the idea of doing a combination of inner slings like Cassini but date it...
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    Your thoughts, please.

    been "fool"ing around with orbiter for 10 years now...' looking up for 58. this seems to sum it up
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    Update TransX development

    @blixel. I have tweaked the scenario you provided above for a Mars to Venus then Earth trip. I suppose one has to weigh how important fuel is as compared to time of flight. For example I have the same scenario changed to leaving about 12 days later. The eject burn from low mars orbit is about 91...
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    Update TransX development

    Great job Enjo and all those assisting. FWIW, For a long time I have been wishing TransX could have multiple (stacked) maneuvers ability in a single stage. Just this morning I set up a 2018 EVVEJ with intent to land on Europa, and as I had the planned arrival at Jupiter, I wondered about the...
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    Problem Precision Needed to Get to Moon

    I loaded the original scenario and even though the setup for the maneuver looked good it sure didn't execute how it was shown. I would ask how far in advance the planned maneuver had been set up? If I am planning a burn many orbits ahead I will use that planned maneuver just to know which orbit...
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    Challenge Mission: Earth - Jupiter - Saturn - Earth

    Here's a tweak on this scenario that has an aerosling at Mars. As always it's just a guess on the arrival and departure speeds for the aerosling. In this case the encounter speed is about 12km/s and the departure is about 8km/s and the resulting arrival at Earth is about as soft as one can get...
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    Challenge Mission: Earth - Jupiter - Saturn - Earth

    Nice plan blixel. Here's another one. Same flight duration at about 11.3 years. But instead of waiting 140 year to launch it leaves 2 years from now. Similar plan with minor differences. And instead of an encounter speed back at Earth of 17.8 km/sec it is a bit softer at 11.8 km/sec...
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    re Math, one of the better threads. thanks./ rob

    re Math, one of the better threads. thanks./ rob