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    Gaming Roberts Space Industries: Star Citizen

    That shouldn't be the case for Star Citizen, there's no artificial drags. The only non-natural limit I have heard of so far is maximum speed limit in combat instances, which is to be enforced by the fly-by-wire control layer, not the physics engine. The...
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    News Speed of light broken?

    Wait what? Ain't that Orbiter's physics? I guess we are doomed. Unless you mean a different kind of destruction. " ... preliminary results suggest that the Earth was destroyed pre-emptively by scientists at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland...
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    News UARS about to fall from the sky

    Where does Heavens-Above they get the TLEs from?
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    Gaming Hielor's Minecraft Server

    Hello. I'm hribek from Hribek Redstonics co. I could harness the power of the holy Creeper to enhance your world with subway tunnels, if you desire. Among other things. If you're not afraid of another electrical engineer on your server, you might as well whitelist me :)
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    Challenge Create a SSTO from already existing stages and engines.

    Is sled boost considered to be an existing stage or engine?
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    News UrtheCast Announces New Space Venture

    Project home: This could be useful for creating surface tiles, among other things.
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    Speaking of parachutes... why do you get a life-jacket on a plane?

    To attempt to land, perhaps. I can however imagine that landing is much harder than maintaining steady descent. If I happened to have the parachute, associated training and the opportunity to bail, I'd prefer that to seeing through a landing attempt in a forest/non-flat terrain or water with...
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    Speaking of parachutes... why do you get a life-jacket on a plane?

    Even though this is purely theoretical, I am amused by the "you can't jump at Mach 0.8 and 10km altitude" responses. Anyone recall the ditch procedures for space shuttle orbiter? I mean, seriously, why jump out of the plane before it starts going down? Modern airliners have a very good glide...
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    SDK Question CentreOfMass asylum

    Yes, this has happened to me as well when I tried to do CG shifting using that function. I thought the error was on my part somewhere. Maybe this should be raised as an API bug issue? Edit: I found a post in the Orbiter Project section by kwan3217. Perhaps it could get more attention...
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    Subjective FTL travel (relativity thread)

    No, it does not. The ship contracts (seen from Earth) by the exact same factor everything else contracts (seen from ship).
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    Subjective FTL travel (relativity thread)

    Yes. From Earth POV the ship gets heavier and its clock runs slower, so with constant thrust the second (Earth time) derivative of (Earth reference) position will decrease if constant thrust is assumed. This is incorrect. To the crew, everything on ship is normal. In the Earth reference frame...
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    Subjective FTL travel (relativity thread)

    You have to keep in mind exactly that - you're mixing things up. Because not only the stars would appear "flattened". So would the distance between them. And that distance will be shorter. So unless you deliberately combine the-distance-from-Earth-that-was and the-time-period-on-ship-that-is...
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    Cancellation of the Space Shuttle Program - Shameful !!

    Do you think a spaceplane can have a 2-day turnaround (between flights)?
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    Subjective FTL travel (relativity thread)

    Yeah, the universe (everything you're counting your speed relative to) will contract in the direction of your travel. That's how it works. Here's a flash application (English version) that might help you out. When you open it, flip the pages manually to "scene 12". There's a demo of 30 years...
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    Why aren't stars green?

    If the sun became green, most of the current plantlife would have a very hard time.