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  • gattis has redone the shuttles in 2016 and might need help with some of the payloads you did to work in 2016
    Hi Jacques ,
    Just worked out how to do this so now have your Email So I´ll put together some Zips for you to have a look at still finding my way round the forum I´ve put together Galileo, Ulysses, Magellan, TDRS and KH-11 using your IUS its the best looking IUS. hope I haven´t upset you by using it if I have I´ll stop but am not stealing any ones work I just want to give people more Shuttle Fleet stuff to fly,
    I´ve come up with a mod for the Shuttle Fleet that I can´t believe nobody has tried I got a much nicer and better working EVA to work with Shuttle Fleet I even got it to attach to a MMU in flight instead of just appearing with it.
    I´ll send you some Zips ASAP
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