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  • Well, 4.5 years later I figured I'd say "hi" again. LOL. I miss the Orbiter days - life is just too f'ing busy to do anything about it. Maybe I should like, go buy a hut in the mountains or something and just take off. LOL.

    I don't visit here very often, and don't IM anymore. Try me at [email protected]. I guess you could say I've gone "old skool" with the communication stuff. Later!
    You can find me most days on YIM or AIM under YesRushGen if you wanna chat online. later!

    PS... I still have our e-mail chain from when we were working out the hypothetical Apollo 18 mission to Marius Hills. We called ourselves the Lunar Mafia, in honor of Jack Schmidt, and you were the one who assembled your "tiger team" to find a suitable trajectory. lol. Fun times.
    Hey man! I was surprised to see you on the forum again. I myself have been absent from the community for some time, I guess since about 2005ish. But I lurk from time to time. I saw your recent posts and thought... I gotta contact that guy. lol

    Hope everything is going well for you! Let's try to keep in better touch, ok? later!
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