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    Guess this guy never played orbiter

    Technically speaking: NASA cannot and will not engage in any sort of controversy. from THIS all of the information that they give must be factual and available for review. And that is the Law, and the right of the first amendment as well. Sad, but true :(
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    3 word game

    One day on my fat butt, crushed a chair as I sat inside the ISS waiting for the space shuttle to undock. Maybe it was too heavy from the blackhole spitting radiation, which was behind a progress ship that hit MIR.Oh the humanity! Huston we have not one problem. But then Apollo came from the my...
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    Can anyone recommend a book?

    Space mission analysis and design, edited by Wiley A. Larsen. Great book. Also introduction to astrodynamics by mathematical design. By Battin. Not sure on the title however it's close. And finally the Bate Mueller and White book fundementals of astrodynamics.
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    Humor Random Comments Thread

    New house? That should improve the taxes a bit.
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    PMDG MD11

    Its not that it's funny or not funny... To me at least, it's just an interesting view... Shows a main gear well, when doing a walk around inspection you find. Actually I change my mind, this is hillarious...
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    Humor Random Comments Thread

    Note to self here: Do not to eat Halloween candy mid November.
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    A Silly but possible idea...

    I can see where both of you have a beef, however as there was a thread long ago about private spaceflight and legal ramifications. FAA is overall in charge of spaceflight from United States, Flights from Wallops Island are still regulated by the FAA, just as a complimentary regulatory agency...
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    Insert bad word here:

    Well, I use that since my wonderful 2 daughters like to d/l "stuff" and put in onto the computer, what I would really like to take out is all that stuff on the browser. It's been so long I forgot how to remove that from the browser. I think i'm going to make myself an admin on the computer...
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    Insert bad word here:

    No it is this computer. And yes Walmart has great deals sometimes. Good on specs too, AMD 64 Vista, 1GB Ram, 164GB storage It's not blazing fast, but I don't need it to be
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    To The Moon in 2012

    I'm up for it.
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    Insert bad word here:

    After much ado about Mac I finally got a windoze based computer. It has Vista, and i'm mostly happy with it. I still run Orbiter off my Mac, but I want to see what it looks like on the new comp. The hardest part is adding hardware manually, which is very difficult, some stuff that I don't...
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    Did Apollo 15 need a plane change?

    I was doing a bit of math, however jacked up my math was. After I figured where they launched and then the heading, then the inclination to intercept. Then I found my math was about 10 degrees off. Does anyone know if Apollo 15 did a plane correction?
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    1,000 hours in a jet plane?!

    Very important people came from Purdue university and went on to be commanders. One very important graduate is Neil Armstrong.
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    1,000 hours in a jet plane?!

    You don't necessarily have to attend the Academy, nor Annapolis to go to NASA, there are some colleges that have a ROTC program that would help you get in. Such as UTEP and Purdue which have some of the finest Aerospace programs in the U.S. I would highly recommend you to look at what the...