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    OHM Cowboy Bebop 1.3: Redtail, Bebop, Swordfish

    ooOOOOooo :cheers:, FAV :thumbup:, hope I can see Bebop advance space autopilot as seen in the movie, more simpler than transx and all btw, you don't see them manning the autopilot station too often, Jet and/or Spike just set them up (simpler than anything orbiter has right now) and let Bebop do...
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    Orbiter 2010 Force Closing with Addons

    I'll try and get back to you on that. Just a thought, Can anyone make something that are found on X-Plane called "Batch Convert"? Lets say one plane designed for X-Plane 7, you can do batch convert so to be compatible for X-Plane 9.6, if anyone can create it, would it be possible to do the same...
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    Orbiter 2010 Force Closing with Addons

    Very well then, I'll delete Redshift, or better yet, delete Orbiter entirely then reinstall everything again except Redshift, had fun with it on 2006 version, especially while I'm learning, on Orbiter 2006, had gone to the moon with transx, but couldn't figure out how I done it and can't...
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    Orbiter 2010 Force Closing with Addons

    Hello, I'm here to inform you that orbiter keep force closing :facepalm: on me when loading cargo on xr5 and force close for no apparent reason, can't even get it to work right and not force close on me while I'm flying, orbiting, whatever, so I'm quitting Orbiter, to much problem with it, a lot...
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    OHM Silver Space Jet

    I had trouble finding the silver Star Wars spaceplane, but unintentionally, I found it, it's not in the right category, it should be in the Sci-Fi Star Wars section, just to let you know though, but I would love to see it in the right category though, I just about had to post a vehicle request...
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    Request Lost in Space the Movie: Jupiter Space Craft

    I have the movie on the modern version of Lost In Space which I have in VHS format and in the process on looking for a DVD version to replace it, anyway, I am wondering if anyone can create the Jupiter spacecraft, I do not remember if it was Jupiter 1 or 2, I'm not looking for the old style Lost...
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    General Question Manned/Unmanned Craft Search Help

    Yes, the vehicle that I has did came with pre-configured trans-x stages as far as I remembered. Now for the sun I asked, is there any sun that are more life-like and will burn up if get too close to it instead of acting like an invisible wall, every time I get close to it, I hit it like I was...
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    General Question Manned/Unmanned Craft Search Help

    Well, I'm not good at this, so I will do the best I can, the feature the vehicles that I had, especially on the probes/satellites was as follow, that will varies on the individual probes/satellites, so heres the feature (or capabilities if you will): For Non-Manned Vehicles: 1) Auto-Launch. 2)...
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    General Question CTV-ATV2-Phoenix Download Problem

    Thanks, I finally download it. After clicking the external link before you told me about this, I clicked the third selection, it says: This site has moved, you can find all the addons on this new site: Please update...
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    General Question DeltagliderIV Autopilot Help

    I found the frequency and set to it, but the DGIV AP monitor says no signal or set NAV1 to docking signal, which I already did and tried several variation of different docking port signals, it won't lock for the interception then dock, I'm not sure what's wrong, am I too far or what, from the...
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    General Question Manned/Unmanned Craft Search Help

    Can you define the word "characteristics" on what you want to now, I know what it means, no offense, but can you be more specific about it so I can give you the right answer, right now I'm doing 7 emails at a time on a personal real world project regarding to the word characteristic, so if you...
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    General Question CTV-ATV2-Phoenix Download Problem

    I clicked on the external link to search for download of this spacecraft, then I clicked the CTV-ATV2-Phoenix within the photo lineup so to take me to the download page, so here's the problem, when I click it, then after about a minut, it shows the word ERROR on my screen that it cannot go to...
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    General Question Delta II with MER Rover Help

    I asked the question to OrbitHangar at and so far got no respond though, so here's the question on this thread: Is this fully automatic flight to Mars? If there's any other spacecraft/probs/rovers that does a complicated automatic flight to...
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    Project Universal Autopilots alpha 100324

    Can you add more steps instead of 2, that way anyone can pre-program on the ground before AP taking off, enter orbit, and head to the moon or wherever ones going, and please as a request to have it set up to work with the XR2 Ravenstar 1.0 and XR5 Vanguard 1.2 so it can use the scram engine...
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    General Question Manned/Unmanned Craft Search Help

    Would anybody help me on this?