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    Full scale immersive Orbiter simulation project

    My kids and I are hoping to build a full-scale Orbiter simulator and our project has been selected as a finalist for a grant... but we need your help as the final vote is crowd sourced. Please visit and vote for our project:
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    How to configure a "side" window

    If I want to have a couple of monitors displaying views as though they were side windows of the spacecraft, what might my options be? How could this be done?
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    Simpit Outside Visualization

    I'd really like to get a copy of those instructions when you're finished - this is fantastic stuff! When my kids are just a bit older, I want to build a full-scale sim environment with them.
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    Need chat software that emulates radio comms

    TeamSpeak I hadn't realized that they offer free licensing for non-profit stuff. I'll give that a shot. Thanks.
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    Need chat software that emulates radio comms

    Anyone know of any "radio" chat software that will emulate radio communications?