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    White_Knight engine sound for VG SpaceshipTwo mod 2014-11-09

    White_Knight engine sound for VG SpaceshipTwo modFor use with my VG SpaceshipTwo modShould extract to Sound/VGstwoSorry, forgot to include it in the Mod.Ken.
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    VG SpaceshipTwo (Re-release) 2014-11-06

    VG SpaceshipTwo (Re-release) Model from 3D Warehouseauthor: Ole Egholm G - landing gearJ - jettison ; only White Knight TwoLeftShift+4 - air brake ; not animated on WK2 Original 2013 specs. Revised...
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    Nasa Warpship concept 2014-11-05

    Nasa Warp Ship concept. Original LW model made only from pictures, by Zeontron (Ron L. Long). Added 6 textures. Also a lot of mesh property tweaks.The main mesh is in 2 parts, as the 1 piece corrupted the CoilGlow_emis texture, which I needed. (It textured the front window).(I have seen this...
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    Colonial-One (BSG) 2014-09-21

    Colonial One Sketchup mesh by Marian87.Texture by Coxxon. Conversion by myself. Just an exersise using a Sketchup model.Incredibly small mesh at 250kb. Enjoy, Ken.
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    Additional Base Mesh 2 2014-09-13

    Additional base meshes to add to an existing base of your choice. (Or to make a new one). Includes a non working vehicle as a base mesh. See Read-me for instructions. Enjoy, Ken.
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    Additional Base Mesh 1 2014-09-12

    Additional base mesh to add to an existing base (or make a new one)   UPDATE :-  Now includes a plain interior. (alter materials to suit yourself)If you want to change the red floor, use a new texture and rename it to Metal_St Please see Read-me for instructions. Overwrite ALL   Enjoy, Ken.
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    Tri-Fighter (Star Wars) 2014-09-01

    Tri Fighter (Star Wars)Original by Axeman 3d.Convertion myself. An obscure Star Wars craft.( A beautiful looking craft.) K = Rotate Sphere (fust for fun) Own engine sound. Enjoy, Ken.
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    Ring City (on the Moon) 2014-08-18

    Ring City. (on the Moon) 3 Pads. D3D9 recommended.Enjoy,Ken.  
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    Tydirium Shuttle (Star Wars) 2014-08-13

    Tydirium Shuttle Orig model by Fabio Allamandri by kind permission G = GearK = Wings (Scenery not included.)Enjoy, Ken.
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    MoF spacecraft (Sci-fi) 2014-08-07

    MoF Spacecraft.(Sci-fi)Original LW model by AXEMAN3D by kind permission.Reflection maps myself. This craft floats just above ground when landed.Runway or Pad take-off/land. D3D9 recommended. Enjoy,Ken.
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    Badlands base at Callisto 2014-08-04

    Badlands Base at Callisto.A fantasy base Thanks to WELL for his w-pad-lune mesh. 3 Landing pads:-1 = Blue2 = Green3 = Orange Enjoy, Ken.
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    Boeing bird of prey 2014-06-25

    Boeing Bird of Prey. Development of the Bird of Prey began in 1992 by McDonnell Douglas's Phantom Works division for special projects, at Area 51. The aircraft's name is a reference to the Klingon Bird of Prey warship from the Star Trek television series.Because it was a demonstration aircraft...
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    Aliens museum lunar base 2014-05-24

    Alien Museum lunar base.A short trip from Brighton Beach Credits, with kind permission :-Axeman = Container.Mcbombi = Alien figures, APC and Dropship.Sean Kennedy = Alien Processor.Convertions, re-textures and other textures = myself. Special thanks to :-4thRock = Main base texture.Gattispilot...
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    OHM Aircraft Refuel Project

    I have already asked over there, don,t know when or if I,ll get a reply. Have you tried it with 2006 to see if it works? Does anyone know if this works with 2006
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    Updates "Hi Artemis, it's been a long time!": China's Chang'e 3 lunar landing mission

    I seems they aim to land near the Laplace_A crater. If they get too close to Brighton, I will scramble some Eagles just in case. On a serious note, are we going to see anything of this mission. They mentioned they have a decent array of cameras onboard.?