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    [April Fool] Facebook acquisition notice

    3 months later, and still making victims. Congrats. :D
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    Orbiter is now open source

    More or less… KSP is highly moddable (as much or even more then Orbiter sometimes), all the game's assets are provided openly - in a way not too different from Orbiter (the meshes uses a proprietary binary format thought). And that code is intimately and probably irremediably tied to Unity -...
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    Hypersonics – from Shock Waves to Scramjets

    An interesting course about hypersonic flight I found by accident. From engines to aerodynamics. Course's homepage here. Youtube videos here.
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    Project Tug eXperimental Reloaded

    I decided to break radio silence to share this (beautiful) video, A source of inspiration to vessel designers!
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    Hardware Want to buy/build a new computer... Suggestions?

    I need to keep it up on these things. Sorry. However, don't hurt doing what I should had did before to avoid a wrong buy. On the 4th Generation, there's a Desktop i5 model that have two cores, the i5-4570T ...
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    Hardware Want to buy/build a new computer... Suggestions?

    About this... It depends. i5 are two cores processors, with two hyperthreads per core. i7 are four cores, with two hyperthreads per core. I agree that, usually, two cores are enough - unless you do some heavy virtualizing.
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    Hardware Want to buy/build a new computer... Suggestions?

    Not sure if I'm helping, but... How about something like the Intel NUC?
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    Question Ranger (and other ships) from Interstellar?

    I like the idea of the HUD being "projected" into the Helmet's glass - more or less as done on modern jet fighters or Cobra Attack Helicopters. :-)
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    OHM Velcro Rockets v1.11

    Interesting... A least on my code, the new PAYATCH directive will always overwrite the previous one. But this is meaningless anyway, you can have only *ONE* payload on the module. Try stacking up invisible, weightless carriers on the place you want the payloads - each carrier would have one...
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    OHM Velcro Rockets v1.11

    No for sure, I checked the code. There's a place for only one payload attachment, and if you add more than one PAYATCH line, the new one ovewrwrites the previous on the internal data structures. Perhaps you can attach multiple invisible carriers on the same location, each one with its own PAYATCH?
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    Memory Access Errors associated with mesh functions

    I completely understands the pointer issue, and I feels like an idiot while compiling my programs the same way. :-) From the ANSI C times, if two data types are equally sized in bits on the compiler definition (ex. char and bool were both 8 bits, and int, enums and pointers were both 16 bits on...
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    Memory Access Errors associated with mesh functions

    IMHO it should, but it doesn't. C++ is a weakly typed language, i.e., you can make assignments between some different types without being aware. It's somewhat better than ANSI C, however. (do not misunderstand with statically/dynamic typed languages: C++ is statically typed, once a variable is...
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    Request Spacecraft from several low budget movies

    Did anyone remember "Salvage 1"? It would be interesting a scenario reproducing this serie's plot. source.
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    News New ISS in the making

    In exchange for what? International relationships are not that different from personal relationships - you must give something back. For the next 15 years (perhaps more), we will be rebuilding our economy and paying public debts at the same time (more than 110 Billion Reais by now, about 26 or...
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    News New ISS in the making

    Unlikely. RICS at best. Brazil will be struggling for the next decade and a half, we will be happy if we would be able to pave our interstate highways.