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  • The SSTV series of ships can carry 17.5 XR5 cargo holds worth of cargo plus 2 (SSTV-01) or 4 (SSTV-02) XR5s docked to the ship. :) SSTV-01 is about 8x the size of the ISS.
    I did a preliminary calculation of the Trans Pluto Injection burn from a Moon to Earth transfer orbit and came up with a requirement of 350,000 m/s of Delta V. Since the SSTV-01 has over 20,000,000 m/s of Delta V fully fueled and the SSTV-02 with its more efficient design has over 25,000,000 m/s of Delta V fully fueled, this should not be a problem for either ship. The 2 biggest problems are the burn time when keeping the G's under 3 Gs during such a long burn, and of course the slow-down burn when returning from Pluto to the Earth. Going down the gravity well of the Sun is much harder than going up it.

    HUMONGOUS IMS shipbuilder
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