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  • Hi MajorTom, I recently installed your SpaceX and Dragon 0.58 addon and was very impressed with the degree of detail you have put into the model. I took it for a flight to the ISS and back and it went very smoothly.

    After Constellation being cancelled it looks like SpaceX and other COTS providers will be Americas next manned spaceships (hopefully). I wonder if you and Glider intend to continue working on this addon?

    For example when moving on to a dll-coded launcher, features like UMMU could be included. I could provide the source code of my Orion-CEV as a start, which has a lot of functions in common, so adapting it to the SpaceX rocket and capsule should be easy. (Sent the same message to glider, btw. )
    Have you checked out my rockets that I made. I remember when you were trying to help me out and a few weeks after that I quit Orbiter. Now I have been back and have been developing.
    Hello MajorTom,

    I'm interested in some custom Orbiter development, and since our prototype will likely be riding on a Falcon 9, your name came up. Finding out you're in Puget Sound is a bonus... Our offices are on Paine Field in Everett. My email address is [email protected] Drop me a line when you get this if you will...

    Best regards,

    William Maness
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