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    OHM Kalaeloa Airport

    This is a great base to put in Orbiter2016. I had also made a base on Honolulu, never released ...
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    OHM Nimitz (CVN76)

    No problem, handle the mesh as you like, you can include them directly in your package.
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    Problem Jarvis/Antares Launch Pads in Orbiter 2016

    There was only one mistake left .... Does CTD always go to the scenario load? Can you put the .scn file? my scenario bla bla bla bla bla bla ANTARES must not be present, it does not work with Orbiter2016.
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    Problem Jarvis/Antares Launch Pads in Orbiter 2016

    You must delete all AMSO meshes, and base the BaseEpsilon UMMU from the scenarios. ... or download AMSO (but I do not know if it is compatible), and BaseEpsilon
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    Problem Jarvis/Antares Launch Pads in Orbiter 2016

    Must see orbiter.log if you find the cause of the ctd. UMMU2.0 is required but I think it has become obsolete.
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    Question Orbiter Development Overview?

    Welcome to the Orbiter community. I suggest downloading the latest version of Orbiter and reading the files in the Doc and SDK folder, you'll get information about 3D models and programming. I also suggest downloading spacecraft4 if you are not capable of programming in C ++. The D3D9 for...
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    OHM Nimitz (CVN76)

    If you are right, I thought the model would not work even with standard Orbiter. The flight deck uses nimitz_emis textures, visible only with D3D9, can you create landing lights with scripts?
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    OHM Nimitz (CVN76)

    Could be? It should work with the standard Orbiter, without any symbolic link. Do you have other ships that work with SC3 / 4?
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    OHM Nimitz (CVN76)

    Using only two keys the rotation time of the radar is the same for all groups. SC3 serves only for demonstration purposes, not having much stability with the support points, even the mass and the data are only indicative.
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    OHM Nimitz (CVN76)

    In fact, use spacecraft 3. You can try it with Orbiter 100830, or use spacecraft4, just rename it to the .cfg file ; === Configuration file for cvn76 === ClassName = cvn76 Module = spacecraft4
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    OHM Nimitz (CVN76)

    I tried it on Orbiter SVN R 71 and everything works, check that the cvn76.cfg file is in the "Vessels" folder. It may be unstable as a support point because it is developed with spacecraft3.
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    Nimitz (CVN76) 2017-10-22

    This vessel was created for Beep Carrier Operations Script Vessel, made available to all users exclusively for ORBITER. We recommend using the D3D9
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    Problem Multistage2015 and spacecraft.dll

    Mesh file name not provided [MeshManager::LoadMesh | .\Mesh.cpp | 1237] You miss a mesh.
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    Orbiter Video Thread

    Neptune launch :cheers:
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    Orbiter Video Thread :cheers: