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  • The SSTV has 17 forward Hyperthrust Engines and 2 reverse Hyperthrust Engines on it and fully loaded has a delta V budget of around 20 Mm/s. With all 17 engines burning, it gets about 5 G's fully loaded also. There are pictures of it on this site, see the "Orbiter Pictures" thread about 5-6 pages (or more) before the last one.

    It also has 60 standard nuclear thermal engines as a backup although using those it only has about 6km/s of delta V.

    HUMONGOUS IMS shipbuilder
    thanks again...your tutorial looks like very good

    now im working with it and is more complete...i try to understand all as posible for me

    and if i dont understand anything...i write to you for more info or any bug finded

    im out there...see you
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