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  • I'm actually considering reverse engineering the Tortoise Lunar Craft (lost with the final melt-down of the Toshiba) from my archived pre-release zip file. However, since it was designed for a bi-directional cislunar tether-sling system, I'll have to design some sort of "strap-on" rocket system for landing on (and launching from) the Moon.

    Somebody please try to talk me out of it...I don't need this kind of time suck!
    For those of you curious, I did not die back in October. My computer did. Expect to see me participating back here at the forum once again.

    Hey man, nice to see you posting in your profile. Wild man on the drum! :lol:
    Hey visitors to my profile page - Welcome!

    As a reward, here's a glimpse of me in one of my multiple incarnations this time around. I'm wearing the garb and identity of a Northwest Province Cameroonian drummer. The drum is called an "Nchum" and has been in my family since 1968.

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