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  • I did not quite get around to answering you tonight so here's the short version
    • Make sure you're creating a new DLL project in VS
    • under C/C++ add the orbitersdk/include directory
    • under linker add the orbitersdk/lib
    Yeah, i figured there could only be one n122vu on the webs ;)

    Jeff and Ty convinced me to switch to x-plane, but I regularly fly P3D too, for KLM virtual (doesn't support x-plane yet..).

    I must say that I've only added ChevyRules727 last week, so I haven't seen anything from him yet. The moments that they are streaming are not ideal for my timezone, so I watch the streams back later anyway, except when Ty does a lazy Saturday/Sunday stream or my girlfriend has to work till 3 a.m. (GMT+1).
    Dad said we may go down at the next scheduled launch date. We will not if it interferes with his class he has to teach.
    The "new" Cortez looks great (and not invisible), if I can get time tonight I'll fly her to Mercury or Venus for a shakedown.
    As far as UMMU airlocks... A ship that size would probably have several. I was thinking one just in front of the gravity wheel (on the top center strut perhaps?), one in the fighter bay and shuttle bay. Perhaps another on the dome above the shuttle bay.
    Looks sweet, that's for sure.
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