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  • Hi N_Molson!
    I am writing a visitor message because the related thread is outdated and I'm not sure if I can necro-post.

    I like the DG Launcher idea very much, I am working with it and trying to understand.
    I would like to find some help.
    Is the project stopped?
    What is the correct way to launch from a different launchpad / location?
    Would it be possible to assembly on the ground and then move it to the launchpad using the train in Carl Sagan Space Center (Banaba Island) ?
    Thankyou goodbye!!!
    Look at the pics I posted. I created red "bars" that I used as rulers. If you create a bar that is 4.56 meter long and that is centered at the same coordinates than your capsule, then you can use it to check the scale. ;)

    You could also make a "disc" (short cylinder), maybe it's more convenient to check the scale of objects with a circular base.

    Make sure you delete your "tools" before exporting, else we'll see them in Orbiter.
    How did you measure the diameter of the mesh in Anim8or? So far I rotated it and scaled it down, but I cant get it to the precise measurements.
    Quote: For French & German people : there is currently a broadcast of Apollo XI archive movies on Arte. :cool:

    Propably the same as last week, but there's some more stuff on arte right now :cool:
    Hehe thanks ! Or rather thanks Martins, Jarmonik, Thorton & Paint.net :D More to come, I have the project to change periodically my sig with launchers of various countries :p
    That will be no problem for me because I don't use that exporter (It's an excellent script, but too many problems for me ;)) so I use the 3ds2mesh converter. Do you know where I can find it?

    Well the problem with the pipe bending script in Anim&tor is that Urumpwe's an8 to msh exporter doesn't take those into account, so the pipes will look straight in Orbiter. :shrug: It's one of the reasons that make me think seriously about moving to Blender. :hmm:
    Hi N_Molson! quick question: Do you know anything about a pipe bending script for anim8or? I searched the internet but I can't find it :p

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