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  • Hey NickD

    Great models - any chance of getting a copy in 3ds or dxf to play with??

    Yes, you're right. When I wrote EasyTiler, only Google Earth exists (or at least I know only about it). I suppose it probably can be possible a similar program can be written for virtual earth, but some work and experiments will be needed, because i suppose storing of the data and calculating the coodrinates in virtual earth will be totally different from this in google earth. But it will be interesting.
    Please send me your email, because i received your message later from my forum, but there was no back address and i cannot answer to you.

    Best regards, NickD
    Hello !

    I've downloaded easytiler for orbiter, and I think it is a great tool for making tiles :)
    But is it possible to download tiles otherwhere from google earth ? Because after some time, google bans the IP of the computer which downloads the tiles, resulting by empty and black images :(

    For an exemple, virtualearth servers don't block the users... :)

    I don't know exactly where to contact you, so I hope you'll receive this mail ! :)

    Best regards,

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