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    Anyone into RC planes?

    couple of videos with an on-board VCR. I think on one of those I was around 1000 feet.. and believe it or not I have one that is higher still.. I will post it soon.. YouTube- Camera onboard F4-U Corsair
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    Anyone into RC planes?

    I fly at a school nearby my house. Its roomier than it seems, only at landing its a little tight but so far, after 50+ flights there, no incidents. I do have a video to upload that I filmed with an on-board micro-camera and there it shows the whole place. Filmed from both, the Texan and one of...
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    Anyone into RC planes?

    For about a year now I have been flying RC.. It is so much fun. In that time I have accumulated a bunch of aircraft.. 10 to be precise. The collection is all scale and is all war-birds. 2 AT-6 Texans, 2 F4U Corsairs, Dassault Rafale, ME-109, sumbicro Sukhoi, F-35, P-40 and even a "wild-hawk...
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    Support D'OH! Mea Culpa - Shuttle Patch necessary

    You only get thanks out of me... no apologies needed.
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    Shuttle Fleet STS-132 Expansion pack series now released at OH

    we are not worthy... but we are thankful... THANK YOU!
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    Who else is unable to really play Orbiter?

    I still have a continuous mission in orbiter.. and always have since the training days of 2002. Currently I am in a grand tour with a Descartes class ship outfitted with 1 DG, 1 DGIV and one shuttle PB (now gone).. Started with an Earth moon trip to Moon Base Alpha. Then 3 ascents to the...
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    Shuttle Fleet STS-130 Expansion Packs released

    Thankyou so much. looks fantastic.
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    Humor Random Comments Thread

    In this silent tide we're all driftwood passing by.... "Kamelot"
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    General Question TransX or IMFD

    Trans X for general navigation. IMFD for orbital maneuvers...
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    News Firebomb Attack on German School

    :rofl: Siberian Tiger... I am not complaining... ...but only against those who would take freedom away for the sake of (perceived) security...
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    News Firebomb Attack on German School

    Siberian Tiger; As long as you keep the legislation OUT of my home or my way to raise my child you can do as you like with yours... But if you pretend to know what is best for my child and then proceed to advocate for government restrictions on my parenting because of your opinion... Then you...
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    News Firebomb Attack on German School

    Yes... Here in Utah we had a shooting at "Trolley Square"... An "European" young man went inside the square and started popping-off rounds with a shotgun... he was able to fire some 12 times ( yes he reloaded... ) he shot a 15 year old girl (amongst many others) in a vicious way, he wounded...
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    Update STS-128 Expansion Packs updated at OH

    Awsome, thanks! I am learning about elements... ...conversions between Keplerian and Newtonian etc... Just to understand them better (at all)... Oi...
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    Update STS-128 Expansion Packs updated at OH

    I was about 4000 miles off on my own simulation... it was driving me nuts... Now it is dead on!... ...well... ...STILL!! Thanks!
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    What would you name a space shuttle?