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    Internet Wolfram|Alpha

    Precursor to the Hitchhiker's Guide!
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    Pentaborane and oxygen difluoride-specific impulse?

    It's said almost everywhere you search through that a mix of pentaborane-9 and oxygen difluoride would provide the highest rocket specific impulse. Is this true? If so, what would the specific impulse be?
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    Pick a name for the Node 3!

    Serenity. Which is also winning!
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    Project The "Small Orbital Craft" Project

    Sorry for the bump. This would be beneficial to almost all small spacecraft that use lithium hydroxide canisters for carbon dioxide scrubbing. Look at Lithium peroxide. It gives off oxygen as it absorbs carbon dioxide, so some mass or time could be saved because oxygen will be used up more...
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    Happy Birthday Piper

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    General Question Spacecraft3 Spacecraft

    I was wondering how to tell different spacecraft apart when they are spacecraft3 based in scenarios. Do the spacecraft have to be named correctly in the scenario file for them to be the right spacecraft? If I were to go into a SwiftSS scenario and change the name of one of the spacecraft...
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    Request Skylon

    Skylon is a proposal for an SSTO payload vehicle. It would be fun to fly, so... Skylon.
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    Your preferred spacecraft

    Dragonfly, Shuttle-A, Greg Burch's ships (all of 'em!), DG and spinoffs, and the XR series. Basically all of them. The only thing the Shuttle-A is missing is a Dragonfly-like systems simulation, UMMU, and an arm. I like that a lot, but the Dragonfly has its fuel cells and ECLSS... hmm...
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    Question Earth probes

    Landing something on Earth would be pretty difficult. There is too much life everywhere! If your rover landed in a bush, you would be in big trouble. And who said the rover had to be solar powered? There is oxygen in abundance at Earth. That stuff could be used for... stuff. A balloon...
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    Question What do you want in a Base?

    Vertical launch sites, communications towers, hangars, a decent taxiway system, a runway or two maybe, and of course inflatable domes and habitats, etc.
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    Request VASIMR powered lunar tug

    Six months to the moon!? Wow... Well, I guess that's all you can expect with 10 Newtons of thrust...
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    Request VASIMR powered lunar tug

    It would be great if someone made this: Just because.
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    Project Space tugs

    Call it LeO, for Lifter-Orbiter! Great job on it, too.
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    Hitting the atmosphere properly.

    I cannot do reentries. When coming down from the ISS or Mir, I always fall short of the base I'm trying to land at. When aerobraking from the moon, I burn up. Can someone tell me what my periapsis should be when coming down from the ISS in a DGIV? Assume the burn happens 180 degrees from the...
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    HyperDart - A new spaceplane

    ...It looks like we've got the next delta glider on our hands. Definitely for later, but... can you add systems like the Dragonfly's? That would be very cool. So far, though, everything is already great. I would like to see it!