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    News COVID-19 pandemic

    I understand that the European Union are planning to allow international arrivals from July 1?
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    Announcement OHM - Deployments, and fixes

    You can see it in the URL when you visit your profile under User CP. Yours is 16254.
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    Update Antares 3.0 released

    This is good news! I remember testing the beta version a few years ago.
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    Announcement OHM - Deployments, and fixes

    I've been away for two years. Saw that there's a migration happening. Seems that I can't search by author or by version, addons aren't displayed in order when searching.
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    OHM Phoenix Mars Lander

    Thanks Brian!
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    OHM Delta2 and SLC17

    Wow, I've been holding myself from installing Orbiter 2016 because of the incompatibility of addons but it looks like I finally have to try it.
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    General Question Orbiter 2010 Texture Downloads

    Hey guys, I wanted to try Orbiter again after about a year but I can't find a working website with the Planet textures for Orbiter 2010. Is there anywhere I can download them other than the torrent links?
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    Thanks Brian!
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    News Add-ons working in Orbiter 2016

    Nope, I think everyone is waiting for that one.
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    Project Updated SLS for Orbiter 2016 (and 2010)

    Yes, 109 is at a thrust of around 2280 KN for the RS-25, I guess for SLS since the engines are expendable they're going to be run at this power level for the duration of the burn. For the abside I have yet to find a solution, I input 50 and 1850 for the p and a respectively and I've tried with...
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    Project Updated SLS for Orbiter 2016 (and 2010)

    Hey guys, I've been doing a bit of tinkering with Block I in order to make the performance of the engines and SRB to be closer to real life. [BOOSTER_1] N=1 MeshName=SLS_2016\Orange-booster_s Height=53.900 Diameter=3.710 EmptyMass=86363.600 FuelMass=622727.300 Thrust=16363630.640 angle=0.000...
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    Advanced Question Calculating Average Thrust

    Thanks again for your help.
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    Advanced Question Calculating Average Thrust

    Can somebody explain to me how to calculate the Average Thrust of a Solid Rocket Motor, given the thrust values at different times during the burn. I'm trying to determine the average thrust using these values of time and thrust from a Multistage file: Curve_1=(0,76) Curve_2=(2,100)...
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    OHM ESO sky

    Thanks, what parameters do you use for the apparent magnitude? I have it set 0 to 6.5, exponential and 0.05. It seems pretty real, but I'm always looking to improve.
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    OHM ESO sky

    Francisdrake, you mind sharing your settings for ESO Sky?