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    Idea Hypersonic

    There must be an X-15 add-on somewhere in this forum. The X-15 was intended to be a hypersonic aeroplane, but it became a spaceplane as various pilots flew it above 80 km.
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    Updates SLS Updates

    Since 2019, the National Security Space Launch (NSSL) program. ;)
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    News Roscosmos News

    I think the honest term will be "one of the dishonest wealthy people trying to control a country".
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    Updates SLS Updates

    A rocket is basically tons of bombs and explosives, with a payload at the top with the hope that the payload is safe from the explosives.
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    Project Space Shuttle Vessel

    The progress of this add-on is so slow (first post of this thread is dated May 2020) that I have given up the notion of realism of add-ons. Instead, I've focused on the playability and availability of the add-on I'm looking for. So I don't want to say anything about SSV as I'm already satisfied...
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    Apologizing to the community.

    Although I have not yet added any copyright disclaimer in any of my add-ons, unless otherwise noted, all my add-ons are in CC-BY-NC 4.0 license.
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    Lunar Gateway Scenarios - Old changelogs

    Added HTV in the LOP-Gateway 2030 scenario.
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    News State of Orbiter Forum, Orbit Hangar Mods

    I'll reformat the descriptions of all my add-ons as they become messy after migration.
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    News State of Orbiter Forum, Orbit Hangar Mods

    Quoting my request here if you have missed it. I need to update some of these add-ons, particularly the Lunar Gateway add-on.
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    News State of Orbiter Forum, Orbit Hangar Mods

    All of the following add-ons (aka the add-ons under the name "soumya-8974") are mine.
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    News Roscosmos News

    Whatever it is, but most of the world (even your India) don't want such "operation" in Ukraine. I prefer a dialogue between the two countries over conflict to get the peace.
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    News Roscosmos News

    Don't worry, he might go from his homeland to your city through New Delhi. :)
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    Updates Boeing's CST-100 Starliner

    Well, Boeing has said that they don't use Russian titanium on their new aircraft since March this year, as they have diversified its source. On the other hand, Airbus relies heavily upon Russian titanium.
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    News State of Orbiter Forum, Orbit Hangar Mods

    Change the http part of the URL to https if one found.