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    Question General Spaceflight Q&A

    Orbit How many orbits does it realistically take for the shuttle to intercept the ISS?
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    Request Just a few requests

    Thank you Grover, Artlaf. I love Il Sturmovick Pacific Fighters. F4U is my favorite plane to fly. Yes the controls are sensitive and that's what gives me an idea of how much skill it took to fly and shoot at the same time. In a jet you are just riding and steering, in a prop driven plane you ARE...
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    Request Just a few requests

    Love the new 2010 P1! All praises to Martin S. for his historical contribution to the world. Please add fly by view and Warpdrive. I use the Super Millennium Falcon just because I like it's power. Wish I could edit it in .cfg file. Not interested...
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    Orbiter 090331

    I want to learn Visual C++. My home computer is not connected to the internet. Here at work I downloaded the installation file and when I run it, it seems to want to connect. Is there another way that I can get this?
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    Installing Orbiter 2009 (or 2010) over my 2006 base?

    I don't know how or why I am able to use the Melinium Falcon with the 2009 beta but it works. I'm looking for more addons to use with this beta.
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    Programming Question How to use spacecraft3.dll?

    I want to see the lbatwing. So far all I get is the cockpit. Do I need to make a configure file? I placed the downloaded spacecraft3 cfg into configure folder. When I open it I only see two linesl. I have used other cfg files as templates to create files. How does orbiter use the spacecraft3?:huh:
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    Orbiter 090331

    I have downloaded the latest Orbiter Beta and I love it. I got lucky and have been using the MFalcon(Super Millenium Falcon) with it just because I can. I love the LUA MFD scripts to use with the Delta Glider. I am looking for more addons for 090331. I have begun to research creating DLLs. I...
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    General Question Are There Any New Versions Of Orbiter?

    Orbiter 2009 Regarding new Orbiter:I checked out the link that SlyCoopersButt posted and it's absolutely fantastic. My black sky is now blue and I can see so many stars. DG seems to have more power. Question: Does anybody know how I can create a HUD in Super Mellinium Falcon's virtual cockpit?
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    Can you tell me how to route keyboard commands such as kill rotation to my X52 flight controller?

    Can you tell me how to route keyboard commands such as kill rotation to my X52 flight controller?