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  • I would like say you THANKS A LOT guys, since I have ended NASSP 6 some days ago, well I made just the 6 lunar missions, because I really hope simulate the whole missions through the NASSP 7 some day. But I had a lot of fun along those 6 missions, and I would really like help you, because I am sure that a lot of people still dreaming with a realease date for this project. XD I wish you lucky and forces to find your way and finish this addon. Maybe, if I can find a job, I could help you with a donation, but right now I can't sorry. In any case, thanks again.
    Dear Tschachim,

    first i like to say a big thank you to you and all your mates for the great NASSP.
    By accident i stumbled onto a link for an update for the ProjectApolloMfd.dll (from 2012-08-09) with a state vector slot selection button added which was programed by you. The update fixes a ctd problem during sv-telemety update when pressing the sv-button the second time. Like many others my orbiter program always suffered a ctd when doing this telemetry until i downloaded and installed your superb fix of the ProjectApolloMFD.dll.
    Would it be possible for you to publish this update on the orbithangar website and/or the nassp website so that many other Orbinauts, which don´t accidentally stumble over the hidden link in any of the orbiter forums, can participate.
    Thank you so much!

    Hiiiii XDDD This is only to know the situation if I can of course XD. Are you, at less, more close to realease the NASSP 7? XD In any case good luky and please don´t leave this proyect.
    Hi Tschachim,

    Would you have a working sen. (AGC )that both the computer all SM jets work.

    Thank You
    Hi Tschachim I would like to know when will be ready the new version of NASSP and if this addon will maintain the functionals pannels. ( But I have saw in your album the sextant, so I think that the panels will functionals at all) Thanks and sorry for my english. Bye and have fun with Orbiter.
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