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  • Yes! Ummmmmmm young people contributing. This gets me so excited right now!
    Not nearly as excited as I get when random people post random messages on my profile. What is wrong with you people?
    I am replying to your PM right now. It takes some time, as I am no miracle worker and try to use punctuation as well as capitalization.
    hey TSPenguin since you closed the thread can you atleast answer some of my questions in messages? like how do i run the multiplayer? i wanna play multiplayer it will be so much fun
    That joke got completely lost. That might be due to the fact, that we never had contact before...
    It was supposed to be a joke. I'm not trying to sell you timeshare, just to clear things up.
    No, I have not and I won't. If there is a point hidden in your message that justifies smiley, I don't see it.
    It is not forgotten. I either release it when a decent collision detection enables them bounce like I want them to, or the new orbiter version gives me greater visibility, what it should.
    That is a customized skin for the XR1 made for an elite group of comforted believers in the Furry Dicez.
    As you can see it features my name, nationality and a unique serial number.
    Dutchpirate made those skins for some members of the Furry Dicez social group. If you want one you'd need to contact him about it.
    do you have that fuzzy DG4 picture as a add-on, if so i would love to get it.
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