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AutoRudder v1.2 2013-04-05


AutoRudder v1.0 (hielor):
This plugin implements an "autorudder" functionality similar to that found in FSX (or used on the Shuttle or Ercoupe in real life).  Intended for users who don't have joystick rudder control, this aids the pilot in making coordinated turns by using the rudder to counteract slipping and adverse yaw.
Source code is included in case vessel developers would like to tune this specifically for their vessels, or to allow others to learn from and expand on it.
Comments are welcomed and encouraged--I can't reasonably test this on every vessel out there, so if there's any that it doesn't work on, or any flight maneuvers that are more difficult with this addon than without, I'd love to know about it.AutoRudder v1.2 (malisle):This is a slight modification of hielors AutoRudder plugin published back in 2010. He kindly offered to transfer ownership of the plugin to me in order to maintain download and comment history on orbithangar and to allow me further development. AutoRudder keeps the slip angle at zero degrees which can be especially useful during reentries. Don’t forget to activate the plugin!
AutoRudder v1.2 changelog:
added OrbiterSound support. Notifications are given by voice instead of oapiDebugString()

pressing Right Control + F11 changes the AutoRudder mode and Right Control + F12 reminds you what mode is currently active

fixed conflict with multistage autopilot

other small fixes

AutoRudder v1.1 changelog:

toggle command using Right Control + 0

four modes of operation: rudder only, RCS only, RCS & rudder and OFF :)

notification about currently active mode

changed PD regulator coefficients to better approximate critically damped oscillations (less overshooting)

part of the code that checks if the dynamic pressure was high enough for the rudder to have an effect, if the vessel is landed and if the airspeed was different from zero was removed because the user can now turn the AutoRudder on/off depending on the current situation. 

Notes and possible issues:

plugin will be able to control the rudder of more realistic spacecraft like XR fleet and DGIV even if  the APU, ELEVON & GEAR or AF control are disabled.

same PD coefficients are used for all the vessels, regardless of their RCS thrust, inertias and aerodynamic coefficients so their behavior will be slightly different. 
Special thanks to hielor who made this plugin in the first place and Interceptor for testing, reporting bugs and giving useful advice.
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