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Cargo Deck MFD 4

This is Cargo Deck MFD. It is a nod to Kulch for his Univercal Cargo Deck and Payload manager.
This MFD provides similar capabilities but in an MFD form factor.

This MFD now comes with a stage/fairings selector and creator, so long scenario editor.
Secondly, this MFD now supports multistage2/multistage2015 stages in addition to the Velcro stages.
When you activate the module, and subsequently when you launch Orbiter, the multistage ini files are
read and their stages are translated to Velcro stages, located in Config/Vessels/Velcro/multistages.

new keyboard combos and changes:
  • press shift + J to jettison all boosters at once
  • press shift + LBRACKET or RBRACKET to select between different stages or fairings based on selector
  • press shift + O to toggle selector between: stages, fairings
  • press shift + R to conveniently rename the selected cargo to whatever you want

while focused on a landed velcro stage:
- press = or - to adjust the padbias, which is saved to scenario file

  • attach cargos/stages to each other using on screen interface
  • children vessel thrust is modeled and projected onto the parent
  • children vessel propellant use/mass loss is modeled and reflected in parent dry mass
  • press shift + Numpad +/- to fire or cut off all children's main engines with "booster" in their name simultaneously
  • Provides Velcro.dll, a modified implementation of velcro rockets with all cvel/payload/staging related stuff removed that's Orbiter 2016 compatible and
works well with this addon.

8/1/2023 update:
included Velcro.dll

8/22/2023 update:
adding multistage.dll/mulstiage2.dll/multistage2015 stage support
added stage/fairing selector
attachment points can now be adjusted after hard attach
velcro stages pad bias can now be adjusted and saved to scenario


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  1. 2016
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Latest updates

  1. Now supports multistage dll stages + includes a stage/fairing spawner

    stage selector
  2. Added Velcro.dll, a simplified Velcro Rockets for Orbiter 2016

    Added a simplified implementation of Velcro Rockets, that's meant to work with Cargo Deck MFD...