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Carrier Operations 2 :The Nimitz V0.03 Carrier Operations Script Vessel 2018-10-17


Practice and manage landings and takeoffs in this huge moving aircraft carrier. 
1. This package uses the wonderful new aircraft carrier Nimitz class (actually, the Ronald Reagan CVN76) mesh from Marco Gavazzeni who is a partner in this project.
With his permission, a splitted version of his mesh is included in this package but the original mesh along with a spacecraft .INI descriptor file can be found at:
http s://
2. It's up to the user to create proper attachments for the airplanes or helicopters. Some instructions and examples on how to create proper attachments are given in the package. Some ready to run DG and Shuttle PB scenarios are included for testing and demonstration purposes.
V0.01  The initial release. 
V0.02 Correction of an issue evidenced by SVN BETA r.73 that caused CTD after a few seconds. Should work with this BETA as well now.
V0.03 Corrects a bug related to radar antenna movement and sudden ship waving position changes to zero speed as in ground location set when scenario starts or Scenario Editor user static placements on surface.
First release
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