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D3D9 for Orbiter Beta 30.7

This is a graphics client/engine project to Orbiter Spaceflight Simulator. To install the client you need to download the package and extract it in the root folder of the Orbiter. Any previously existing files should be replaced. Also to use a graphics client in Orbiter you need to run "Orbiter_ng.exe" instead of "Orbiter.exe" which uses a build in DX7 Engine. The client must be activated from the Modules tab otherwise you will see a command console while trying to start a scenario. Read further information from /Doc/D3D9Client.pdf

D3D9Client development and support thread is located in Orbiter-Forum

DirectX Runtimes​

You will need a DirectX June 2010 redistributable package to run the client. If the redistributable package isn't installed in your computer you will receive an error message "The program can't start because d3dx9_43.dll is missing from your computer". Or you may see a pop-up window in Orbiter LaunchPad telling about a missing runtimes. If that happens then download the package from a link below and extract the content of the package in any empty directory you want and then find a Setup.exe and run it. It is a common mistake to forget the run to Setup.exe You can delete the contents of the directory after the setup is completed. The directory is just a temporary storage for the installation files.
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