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Earth Base: Inspiration 2012-10-08


EDIT: Sorry first Orbiter Add-on. Forgot to include the Mesh folder. Re-uploaded with Meshes. Should work now.
Fictional Earth Base: Inspiration
Location: Black Rock Desert, Nevada
Features: Interstellar Building, Tram to Landing Pad Hangers, 4 Medium Landing Pads, 3 Large Landing Pads, 2 Long Lit Runways w/ Taxiways, Tower, Hangars, Solar Aray (In Hills), Lights, and Decontamination Spheres.
Known Bugs: Lights sometimes load with alt colors (either glitch in Orbiter or BaseMaker). The Decontamination Spheres (or so I've been calling them are fun, but if you're viewing external you can't see whats in them, or behind them. Just FYI. You can always remove those mesh items either in the config file, or in BaseMaker.
Scenarios Included:
DG on Runway
DG on Landing Pad
2 DGIV's on the Runways (Perhaps ready for a formation autopilot ascent into orbit followed by docking?? I have it down to 18mins)
Please Note: For the 2 DGIV on Runways scenario you need to have the DGIV addon installed.
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This base was an inspiration for me. Worked in 2010 out of the box. Every super hero needs a cloak of invisibility and the domes give that. Well Done.
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