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Equus, the My Little Pony Planet for Orbiter 2010 2021-08-15

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This addon allows you to experience spaceflight on and around Equus, the planet that contains the My Little Pony G4 world. I was largely inspired to create this by River Crab's XR-2 repaints, and the opening shot of the My Little Pony 2017 movie.
WHAT'S INCLUDED- Planet Equus, containing the entire G4 map from post-MLP 2017 Movie. Yakyakistan, Crystal Empire, Griffish Isles, Griffonstone, classical Equestria, Arimaspi Territory, Bone Dry Desert, Klugetown and the southern civilizations, Storm King Island, the Southern Barrens, Dragon Lands, Kirin Grove, and Mount Aris- all included. I created labels for nearly every town and city as well as labels included in the G4 map. Press F9 to display them. On Equus I have provided the user with a non-cannon starter base containing 1 runway and 1 pad, built in front of Twilight's Castle (Castle is not yet simulated). In addition to Equus, Luna (the moon) exists and you can travel to it, as well as Celestia (the sun). Don't go there. In the future if the G4 world is expanded with more locations and planets I will add them too, and if G5 spaceflight is a thing I will release missions with that. Note that I am preserving the world of G4- I will extend landforms, create planets, and anything else which can be assumed to have existed for millions of years, but I will not rename cities due to ponyculture/ponypolitics.
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