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Jet Engine Model Library for Orbiter 2016 2

This library implements a linearized Brayton cycle thermodynamic engine process model that should deliver realistic steady cruise thrust and fuel consumption for most turbojet and turbofan engines based on engine parameters that are most likely available through an Internet search. It should deliver realistic thrust, fuel consumption, maximum speed and ceiling performance for an aircraft add-on provided correct engine parameters are provided and an accurate aerodynamic model of the aircraft is also implemented.

Required Inputs

This model was created to strike a balance between detailed engine modeling and performance. It is meant to produce a suitable result when provided some basic engine performance parameters that may be easily found on the Internet for a given engine. Currently this is the minimum data that must be provided to implement a particular engine:

At full throttle at sea level:
  • Maximum air flow rate through engine [kg/s]
  • Inlet diameter of engine (fan diameter if turbofan) [m]
  • Maximum thrust without afterburner [kN]
  • Compressor pressure ratio at full throttle [-]
  • Specific fuel consumption at full throttle [g/kN s]
  • Turbofan bypass ratio (mass flow through fan / mass flow through core)
  • Turbofan pressure ratio
  • Maximum thrust with afterburner [kN]
  • Specific fuel consumption with afterburner [g/kN s]
Fuel data may also be provided in the JetEngineLibrary.h file. Currently the default properties are for Jet-A.

This model has been shown to deliver good results when compared to maximum sea level thrust for a number of real turbojet and turbofan engines at sea level, and limited testing has shown excellent maximum speed and ceiling limits when combined with an accurate aerodynamic aircraft model.

If you have any questions or problems, direct them to me (Thunder Chicken) by posting them in the Discussion here or PM me through Orbiter Forum.
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